What Is I-Car?

I-Car stands for The Inter-Industry Conference in Auto Collision Repair and I-Car was established in 1979 as a non-profit organization for the purpose of providing training and continuing education to members of the auto collision industry. I-Car training programs focus on keeping members of the industry (including auto collision shops, repair technicians, insurance companies and vehicle manufacturers) up to date with the latest technologies and repair techniques, to ensure that the customer’s vehicle repair is performed safely and thoroughly, and with the highest quality standards.

Why should I look for an I-CAR certified shop?

As is the case with so many industries, the auto collision industry is constantly evolving. As manufacturers change the way they make their vehicles, design their paints, etc., our collision repair methods and techniques change as well. Selecting an auto and truck collision repair shop displaying the I-CAR symbol means your vehicle will be repaired reliably and safely by technicians trained in the latest technologies.

What Does I-CAR Certification Mean?

When an individual auto collision repair technician is I-CAR certified, it means that technician has achieved and maintained a certain level of training and excellence with collision repair. When a collision repair shop has I-CAR certification, it means a minimum number of employees at that shop have been certified in a variety of specialty functions. When an individual auto professional is designated Platinum, he/she has met the highest levels of training and standards of excellence. When a collision repair shop is designated Gold Class Professional, it means at least four of its employees have I-CAR Platinum status.